Fundraiser! The Awesomeness Returns!

Tomorrow! The moment you’ve all been waiting for! The Awesomeness Returns! After years of focusing 80% of our time on Betterment, 17% on Edification, and 4% on Unknown*, we’re bringing the Awesomeness back!

Clambake Society Scholarship Fundraiser Dinner!
6 PM Saturday June 9 at Rhinelander Country Club!

Described much more ably and promptly on our Facebook event page, so check that out! Probably goes without saying, but the people who have RSVPed yes on the Facebook event are a small fraction of those who will be there!

Great food! Confirmed silent auction items valued at over $2500, including a WXPR day sponsorship (!!), a 2 hour tattoo sitting (!!), tons of awesome food items, and a full week’s (!!) vacation (!!) at a Gulf Shores condo (!!). And there will probably be more last-minute stuff we don’t even know about yet! A didgeridoo? A cabbage? Advanced gene-splicing equipment? We don’t know! You’ll have to show up to find out!

* percentages don’t total to 100 due to rounding