Congratulations, Oscar Hanson!!

It can now be announced, the winner of the $3,000 2024 Clambake Society Scholarship is Oscar Hanson!

Hailing from Rhinelander, WI, our 19th scholarship recipient is known for one of the more deeply random and starkly trivial-but-it-can’t-be-trivial-because-it-stuck-with-him “interesting mistake” stories we’ve seen, and for an intricate, deeply considered, and, let’s just say “overengineered”, preference coding scheme he cooked up for fun… Without putting any of the specifics onto the internet, we loved how unapologetically real and unconventional his answers were.

At our seventh not-exactly-annual fundraiser, Oscar was honored, and granted this one-of-a-kind Certificate of Outstanding Winning.
Oscar’s headed to UW-Stevens Point in the fall to study data analytics, and we’re excited to see where he goes from there.

Once again, we thank all the applicants, and wish we could have given out more scholarships, because this was truly a great batch of applications.