2016 Year-End Fundraiser!

We’ve got big plans for something very new for 2017, but we haven’t had an official fundraiser for 2016 yet (the raffle was actually 2015’s fundraiser, despite the date of the drawing). As such, with little fanfare, but a couple email blasts, we’re requesting PayPal donations to keep the lights on at Clambake Society Scholarship international headquarters. Or maybe to keep our savings from shrinking while we keep giving out scholarships to deserving and awesome Rhinelander High School graduates. We may not actually own any light bulbs, sockets, wiring, or an office to use them in, but we do have a fantastic PayPal link on our fabulous “Donate” page, so please head over there if you want to pitch in for 2016. Donations are tax deductible, and receipts will be emailed to donors in January.